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Who We Are

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Council (CLASSC) serves as a resource for CLAS students, and an advocate for student issues within the college. In addition, CLASSC provides funding for programs and travel to conferences for more than 25 student organizations.


CLASSC members have served as student representatives on the CLAS Teacher and Advisor of the Year Selection Committee, the Curriculum Committee and the CLAS Undergraduate Coordinators Committee. CLASSC is responsible for selecting the CLAS Hall of Fame recipients each year, and have recently undertaken such projects as the Majors Fair and Homecoming Parade floats for the college.


CLASSC also created a mentoring program called Mentors for Academic Achievement or MAAP. CLASSC introduced this program to the college in the fall of 2015 to connect like-minded students with similar majors and academic interests. If you’re interesting in becoming involved in the program as a mentor or mentee, please direct emails to